About King Foam

Since 1995

With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing different types of foams, mattresses & dacrons. King foam is providing excellent products for commercial as well as residential uses. With changing demands we have been at the forefront of innovation.

We pride ourselves on excellent product quality and customer service. Our professional team makes sure that products meet high-quality standards while transforming and continuously developing new and better foam tenders designed for your comfort.

We are always committed to quality, service and on time delivery. Our vision is to make our brand reliable and first choice of every customer. Using Scientific approach, we try to manufacture reliable foam and dacron products at affordable prices. Our top priority is to develop durable, long lasting and good quality products at cost effective prices. 


What we Do?


King Foam is a trusted name in foam products and mattresses. We are acclaimed as one of the top-ranked company for its durable products with high levels of comfort. We do proper research and planning to make top quality products according to changing trends and requirements of customers. We want to offer best services at each and every stage of production while delivering the best results according to client’s expectations.


We have expertise to manufacture wide ranges of durable, reliable and high-quality products in production phase with different colors, densities, and sizes. We specialize in manufacturing soft foam & hard foam, Dacron/wadding sheets, DPE/HDPE Rolls and different types of mattresses. You can order our products according to your requirements. We also strive to provide the best quality assurance of every product to build long-lasting trust with customers.


With our profound industry experience, advanced infrastructure and firm commitment to provide you the best, we strive to develop and find simple real solutions that work for the benefit of our valued clients. We have great reputation of being the most reliable manufacturers and distributor of different types of foams and mattresses with specific tailor-made sizes and dealing with all types of furnishing products.

A wide range of Products.

Coming soon

Economical and different types of foam and mattress products, a must have. Foam with different properties & customization options, maximum quality and perfect finish. Some of the best are coming soon:

  • Memory foam
  • Fire retardant foam
  • Pocket spring mattress
Our Best Team

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