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We use high quality materials to provide consistency in the manufacturing process of foam & dacron products. Our cell structure and color variations of the foam are deemed best in the market by professionals & customers. Where as our dacron is also rated the best by customers.

  • GCatalysts are used to increase the reaction rate between diisocyanates and polyols.
  • Blowing agents are used to produce the foam’s cellular structure.

We constantly research and analyze flexible polyurethane foams from the point of view of health and safety of consumers and workers.

There has been increased focus on making sure that polyurethane products are not discarded directly into landfills. Polyurethanes are petrochemical-based polymers which is a precious raw material which is why it is important to recycle.

We at King Foam are already taking measures of recycling such as grinding & reusing it as a particle bonding or as a carpet underlay.

In general, polyurethane also contains the same amount of energy as coal per ton basis where it is also being used as a feed stock for municipal incinerators that heat public buildings.

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We research before manufacturing process to ensure Quality Control.

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We assure equally durable for commercial and residential customers

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Committed to high quality, best services and destitution of the products.

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